Not that Deep.

Recently I’ve witnessed a life lesson once again. My daughter for the first time left me for 3days with her other family and my mom for her 55th birthday is going out of town this weekend with a friend. How dare she! I thought! or what am I going to do while my daughter is not up against my butt every 5 seconds now? I literally came in my room, plopped on my bed and realized wow I have no life outside of my child or work and school. I’ve become one of those moms I used to joke about staying busy with the child and not realizing I do have a say so still in life. And even though I’m a grown adult I still believe that my mom will always be here to save the day but looking at the bigger picture and actually seeing my mom going out of town without my dad, my brother or myself really showed me that no matter what you do, people’s lives and happiness moves on. being alone really showed me so far…..

    1. This sucks.
    2. really sucks
    3. still in my twenties, get a grip.
    4. people make time for what they really love and care for. you are not a priority
    5. don’t make others a priority
    6. don’t settle just because they are nice
    7.  take this time to make some changes
    8. Some guys are just interested because you are a mom and nothing more. (weird)
    9. Grab yourself back
    10. life doesn’t suck it just needs an upgrade
    11. start now before you die. no matter what age
    12. do not start new habits and journeys with a motive such as getting a husband or wife or getting friends if you do or say certain things. no. timing is everything, it will find you when you are the happiest.
    13. don’t be that person that people feel sorry for and feel bad and feel obligated to hang out with you. don’t be that kid.

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