Voyaging through falling Ceilings.


This has been the worst two days for me thus far but also the most “eye-opening” as well. First, my car has its own mind and decided to lock itself while it was running without me in it! and on top of that! the next day my headliner decided to finally fall COMPLETELY OFF! inside my car! I WAS SOOO FLOORED! enough was enough! I literally for the first time ever dropped my daughter off at my parent’s house and just walked out without saying a word. no emotions. until I fell apart in my car with no HEADLINER! everything just started going through my head. I’m 84percent done with my bachelor’s coming up this year. I’m 28 and a single mom just trying to make a better life by working hard now and reap my benefits later. but today was the day where I just wanted to throw in the towel and quit. How can I be my own boss one day when I can’t even take care of my car!? I wiped my tears and drove and went straight to where my heart guided me and once I got to my destination I just started crying like a baby and told the person that my car looked “RATCHET!!” and all they did was smile and just looked at me and told me it wasn’t that bad and they insisted on turning the situation around and find some dope fabric and work together and glue it on my headliner temporarily until I get it fixed. and the Adventure began. when I got to the fabric store I saw a “map” pattern, hence in my top picture. we purchased it, and then went to Autozone and went back to the garage and worked on it together. It was very therapeutic and in that hour I learned some valuable life lessons:

  1.  Some people take your downfall as fuel for their relationship to build: do not give them that satisfaction. I found myself after my divorce that I was the HUGE candidate to be the friend that seems like a hopeless lover and had friends only  talk to me to make them feel better about their situation and to make sure they don’t end up like me.

2.  People disappear when good things happen to them and they appear when they are stuck.

3. Always have a side hustle

4. Don’t be that divorce friend: don’t let your past define you. do not act like you are the strongest being on earth just because you went through something tragic and don’t give people the satisfaction to treat you like the plaque! married couples are good for this and if you have married friends that happened to magically disappear after your divorce. block. you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, you are still normal and you are still human.

5. continue to strive for your dreams and goals no matter how far they seem, and if you’re in school or a parent in school. keep going! and just remember falling headliners do not last forever.


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