Flamingos & Ties


It’s fathers day weekend! and to say the least its been a stressful weekend for me. But through all the stress being a single mum, I still find it in my heart and best interest in my daughter’s life for her to have the most positive relationship with her dad discluding our relationship towards each other. I made sure this year that my three year old knew it was “fathers day” and it was her daddies day to celebrate him giving life to her as well. My daughter decided to make him a cupcake and I allowed her to do so. with everything going on with myself I put that aside and focused on what she put her mind to at the time even though I needed the love and attention at the time myself. The day of fathers day my daughter went to church with my mom and when she got home she came to me with a colorful paper Fathers Day Tie around her neck with a poem on it. she gave it to me and I told her I loved it and told her that her daddy was going to love it! and when I tried to give it back she kept shoving it back at me? and I insisted on her to give it to her daddy and she firmly looked at me and said “NO! mommy! it’s for you! the cupcake is for daddy but the tie is for you!.” I was beyond impressed what I just witnessed from my toddler. Making up her own mind without me interfering with her decision making, she wanted to give me the father’s day tie. I cried so hard and hugged her and said thank you. What I learned that day was nothing goes unvein and through my tough week, this little-unexpected light came about out my daughter. She gave me a kiss and put the tie on my bed and left happy that afternoon with her father with the cupcake she made for him. Just remember even when it looks like its not going the way you want it but you are still doing right through it all, just know that God will allow a glimpse of a sign to let you know its going to be okay and will eventually work out even if its a small yellow tie from your kid for fathers day and you are fully aware you are not the father but in their little eyes they see differently.


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