Mermaid Lifestyle

28 going into my thirties is like hitting puberty and relearning who you are again. Recently I had an experience where I had an allergic reaction and had to be sent to the emergency room due to a cream I used on my skin. now what does this has to do with food!? ugh. everything. when I finally got home from the emergency room and into my bed feeling like I was going to a sunken place with the medication they gave me. I sat and really thought that this cannot be life, I am not superwoman. but if I want to really feel like superwoman I must change my lifestyle and certain habits such as eating four hot dogs in one setting, forgetting to pee…… don’t ask. I’m a mom as well and drinking fluids daily because I tend to forget to do that as well. This hospital experience showed me that in order for me to continue to vibrate and a healthier person is that I must take action now before its too late before I get “stuck in my ways” which statistics show that happens in your mid-30s. and I do not want to be that lady that works in the gym for a day and automatically feel like I’m healthy just from that day on running on a treadmill. no, it must start now so it can start as a routine, transitioning to a habit and ending in a lifestyle. I chose to go pescatarian which is substituting seafood for meat. which I call a “mermaid Lifestyle”, I did my research and I believe for a small frame gal like me. this is more legit. I’m not going to go into detail with it because this is day one for me. I woke up this morning and my mom called and told me she was making the basic memorial day platter which was a hot dog, ribs, burgers and baked beans. I literally took a deep sigh over the phone and said “okay” and went to the store and bought some shrimp, sticky rice, and a pineapple and made my own dish around all that memorial goodness. it was interesting how my body was reacting when I saw all that food but I said “no.” and continued to eat what I made which was AMAZING! and I’m proud of myself on day one. I will prayerfully continue my journey and do updates up here, as for now I’m taking a day at a time.


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