Why XX?

It is not good for a man to be alone. 

Married people live longer than single or divorced, Now I want to specify that this is only the men I’m talking about.  Nine out of ten married men at 48 will still be alive at 65. But if these guys divorce their wives or stay single only 6 of them will stay alive at 65 and three must die. What I’m trying to say is that the women are bringing value to the table to life. So, SHE should not be compromising herself to get a man. Therefore, the men must continue to be the hunters and truly get the woman’s attention.  Because stats show that the number one way that a man cuts his life off ten years is staying single. Heart disease only cuts it by six years. So, the women who are bitter or angry at a man that left them or been cheated on or hurt by and you see them moved on. Be grateful and happy because it’s not good for them to be ALONE. Especially if they are the father of children you guys had together. They need to live. It also states that getting married adds value to a man’s ability to make money than going out here getting a college education. So basically, it’s either me or Harvard?  So, you must BELIEVE that woman was created to put a value on the bigger picture of life.  And people will only treat you the way you present yourself. And you must not be those desperate women hoping someone will notice you or marry you or even remarry you because you are AMAZING! And if that man that hurt you or left you can’t find another woman in due time. That man will die without you.  Now here’s where XX comes in. A man’s chromosomes are “XY” the woman’s chromosomes are “XX” I believe God said “yea X and Y is amazing and I love it but I wonder what would happen if I used X and raised another X to the second power? WOAH! XX! That’s the X factor! She will multiply EVERYTHING that she meets. Women are multipliers. Multiplication can become Division quick when we multiply by fractions. And if women are the ones that can multiply the fastest then we are also the ones that if we are not smart or skillful with our value, we will also be the ones who will divide the most effectively. We must be women to understand our seasons and our purpose.  And this is what my blog stands for. Women with a purpose and different seasons through life while still loving and building relationships in the right way. But lastly, for the men out there I LOVE YOU GUYS! No bash just my personal beliefs with a mixture of research.


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